Depressed woman sitting on ground

Who are we?

Welcome to the Access to Therapy Initiative, your pathway to hope and healing. Embodied by our guiding principle, “Bridging the Gap to Mental Health Services,” our organization is dedicated to making mental wellness accessible to all, irrespective of their financial means.

Our Mission

In a world where mental health care often comes with a hefty price tag, The Access to Therapy Initiative stands as a beacon of hope. Our mission is simple yet vital: to provide funding for mental health services in the private sector to those who are low-income and marginalized. We believe mental wellness should not be a privilege dictated by financial status but a right accessible to all.

Our Story

Our journey began with a personal struggle, a testament to the overlooked gaps in our mental health system. Founded by J.C. Haney, The Access to Therapy Initiative is more than just an organization; it’s a response to a personal battle with mental health challenges. Faced with a system that often prioritizes medication over meaningful conversation, and where intensive care settings fall short in providing comprehensive mental health support, J.C. Haney’s experience underscores the urgent need for change. After multiple suicide attempts and a glaring absence of support, the realization dawned: change wasn’t just necessary; it was imperative.

Our Impact

Since our incorporation in 2023, we’ve begun turning the tide. With the support of two dedicated practitioners, we’ve taken our first steps towards a world where mental health care is defined by need, not by financial ability. Our journey is just beginning, but the path we tread is clear and full of purpose.

Our Vision for the Future

We dream of a North America where mental health care is a right, not a privilege. Where the size of one’s wallet doesn’t dictate the quality of care they receive. Our goal is ambitious, but with steadfast resolve and collective effort, it’s within reach.

How you can help

This vision can only be realized with your support. We need members, volunteers, and donations to fuel this journey towards accessible mental health care for all. Every contribution, big or small, is a step closer to a society where no one is denied the care they need because of their financial situation. Join us in this mission. Together, we can make mental health care accessible for all, regardless of income or background.